Tron John

My Internet marketing campaign just launched today, and I feel like Jeff Bridges in the movie Tron.  The first one, not Tron : Legacy.  I feel like I'm about to be launched into hyper drive, like the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, any second now.  Maybe I need an out of body experience.  Or... maybe not, on second thought.

When I was writing "Ark", it was akin to being in a forest.  I knew how I got into it, and I knew the ending I wanted to arrive at, but how to get there was at times a mystery.  But that was the fun of it!  Day in and day out, creativity saved the day, along with constant help from the backspace key, my best friend on the keyboard.  I was writing pure fiction, or relating to events that were happening in real time.

This campaign is different.  Am I going to be like Charlie, that poor guy on the subway in Boston from my hootenanny days, who never got off?  Some nights, surfing can be like that.  What starts out as a perfect wave, never seems to reach the shore.

Well, this is day one.  If you don't hear from me, look in my monitor first.

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