Jersey Shore League

I was pleasantly reminded last night what a full time, year round basketball junkie I am.

Late yesterday afternoon, I looked at the schedule, and saw a few of my beloved Rutgers Scarlet Knights were on the roster for the night's first contest.  I briefly debated going or staying home; I was tired, and was leaning toward passing up the game.

Here's where the true fan comes out in me.  I dozed in the chair, and awoke suddenly, at 6:15, with a start time of 7:15, and 45 minutes travel to the venue.  My wife left to tutor a student, so there was no one home to wake me up sooner.  

However, I had my basketball alarm clock, that inner chime that wakes me like morning sun through a window.  I bolted up, shuffled the dinner dishes into the sink barely not cracking a one, gulped my hand full of  "Supps" (vitamins), and was off to test local speed limits to the gym in Belmar, NJ.

I parked the Eos (my VW) at 7:05, plenty of time to walk, not sprint, to see the tip off.

You have to understand, most true fans regard it as a minor felony to be late, which is missing the tip off.  I sauntered up the steps of the gym, opened the door, and was greeted by the sounds of multiple bouncing balls on the hardwood court, which meant only one thing to me:  The new basketball season had begun.

I must have been really tired to even have thought of NOT going to this game, but that short snooze rattled and rallied my core being to make haste getting there, on time, and very luckily, without a speeding ticket.  I sat down next to my best basketball bud, Brian, and his lovely wife, Janet, with about a minute to spare.

The actual game didn't mean that much to me, but coming to my senses in time did.

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