The Sonogram

                  The first picture of little girl Taub (If you say so, Papa Jordan)

This post is for all parents, and grandparents, to be.

As you can tell, my honorary nephew and niece, Jordan and Eve, are expecting.  He posted the above sonogram on his Facebook page a few weeks ago.  I don't know about you, but I'm not too good interpreting these things.  When my doctor shows me an x-ray, I play along, and pray he's telling the truth.

Really, how many of you see the mathematical symbol for "pi"?
A Rorschach test sample?
A magnified portion of a Jackson Pollack painting?
A black and white copy of a Hubble telescope photo?

I don't want to go on and on, at the risk of you thinking writers have TOO much imagination at times.

Anyway, I hadn't spoken to Jordan in a while, so I thought I'd call to see how Eve was feeling.  Happy to hear she was doing well, I mentioned the Facebook sonogram, noting I couldn't make heads or feet of it.  Well, Jordan launched into a very detailed interpretation of what to look for.  It went something like this:

"Uncle John, if you look closely, she's about the size of a banana, and if you look very closely, you can make out her head and her one arm..."

Not sitting in front of the computer, I could not agree or disagree, but only marvel at his enthusiasm of approaching parenthood.  I just let him go on talking, and vowed to give the sonogram another look after the phone call.

Guess what?

No help, Jordan.

I did get what I wanted:  Jordan's excitement for the event which will change his life forever.