"This site has been known to be fraudulent," was the blocking message I got from Norton Security.

Scared the Bejesus out of me, since I'm starting a blog tour this week.  It's okay now, but the wording still sits in my craw.  I haven't been doing anything dishonest, I haven't been taking any money, and not delivering a product in return.

For you lawyers out there, have I been defamed?

My son Geoff, whiz that he is, re enabled the site this morning, and it seems fine.  It turns out is was Norton's error, which they fixed through live update.

I'm peeved, but on the lighter side, I'm honest, almost to a fault.  When I saw the white "X" in the red circle, it caused a chuckle.

When I saw that red circle, a reacted like a bull, but luckily didn't butt the monitor. 

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