My Paranormal Shoes

Have any of you ever had a pair of shoes you just couldn't throw out?  For whatever reason?  

I still have such a pair.  They're at least 25 year old, Johnston and Murphy brown tasseled, all leather upper moccasins.  I got that description out just like the old shoe dog I used to be.  These "dogs" sure have seen better days to look at, but they are now their most comfortable to me.  They've gone from being my most comfortable shoe to my most comfortable house slipper.  

My wife and I have a truce to that effect, ie; I will just wear them around the house, as she is more into appearances than I am, seeing my appearance as a refection on her.  The shoes really are beyond even the shortest outside trek; the soles are paper thin, and even the slightest pebble feels like a nail going through it.  The sole stitching is worn though.   I worry the soles are about to come off, and that would be the end of my wearing the shoes.  If it does come to that, I still CAN'T throw them out.

Knowing the soles are on a respirator, I've tried to find a shoe maker who can stitch new soles, and can't find a one in the area.  Johnston and Murphy want $125. plus postage to refurbish the shoes; I'm considering it, despite my wife's worry I'm becoming certifiable.

Let me tell you why.

The reason takes the reader back to my first blog post, about our Maltese, Snowball, who passed away over a year ago.  Snowy used to make this little moan/whine when he wanted something, usually to eat.  These shoes, if they flop off my heal just the right way, make an identical sound on the wood floor, as if Snowy is still with us.

That's the best way I can describe it.  I guess you would have to have known Snowball, and now come to the house to hear my shoe sole flop just the right way to believe me.  I can assure you the sound is ghostly.

If you really want to see what I mean, please come when my wife isn't home; she doesn't like me to wear these "slippers" while we have company.

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