Blog Marathon

This is the second day of my attempt to blog every day for the next 90 days.  Its making me wonder about the world of political commentators.  I'm talking about all of them, because I don't want to choose sides, and lose half my readership.

Really, to paraphrase Kipling, how do they fill the unforgiving minute, with 60 seconds worth of news, regurgitated over and over throughout the course of the day, day in day out?  I mean, all of these politicians provide enough material which translates into comedy, but no amount of Maalox or mute buttons sooth the stomach or the ears.  

Over time, I, as well as a lot us, have been drugged into watching the news for at least part of the evening (no, I'm not going to name the channel).  My wife and I get to the point of looking at each other during a news drone attack, and in sync say, "enough!"

Off goes the TV, open goes a good book, with extra time to savor it.

This generally lasts until the next evening, when withdrawal sets in, and we're off to the races with the news jockeys again.

What a World, What a World!  (RIP, Margaret Hamilton, the wicked witch).

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  1. Very nice, humourous article, although built around truth about life and I like it. Congratulations also on your book. Keep writing, John,
    I enjoy reading your blog postings and will comment mroe often, instead of just reading.