"I know what a lessor Sorkin is...and I want to be one."

I just finished watching the last episodes of Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. Again.  After I had watched them, again.  After I had.... You get my drift.

Each time the 'on demand' menu flashes the blue screen and suggests the 'next title', I pause to dissect and marvel at the writer's creation which just expired before me (yet will arise, again).

Before I go further, I should make this remark:  I'm as independent a thinker as has ever been minted.  Progressive, liberal, or conservative views I treat as imposters just the same.  I weigh a viewpoint by the amount of water it holds, and that amount is determined by the number of holes it has.

My point is this:  I don't care where Sorkin is coming from, its the truth he's saying that's hard for all of us to handle.  No matter how 'bent' we all are in whatever direction, nearly all of us, he says, have become "Uncivilized," and I agree with him.

The word deserves to have caps, quotes, italics, and bold text, every emphasis print can give it, because that's how bad we've become.  Cervantes has not been able rest in nearly 400 years and probably is rolling over faster of late.  He needs for more Dons, Sanchos, and Dulcineas of all stripes to get off our asses, and onto a higher horse.  Then he could rest in peace.

I don't see much to debate here.  Most 'uncivilians' camp out with their ideologies, ready to war without rules against anyone who disagrees with their viewpoint.

Each episode gave me succeeding examples why this is so, and caused me to hit my 'pause' button to reflect.   Each time I'd come to this moment, I'd tell myself: 'he's right'.  I wish more of you would agree with me.

You have to give him this:  He's a great writer, regardless how his style of quadruple axles lands on the page.  Sure, he has a stable of creative people tossing him ideas, and he gets to pick and use the best of the litter, but it's his words that course through his fingers onto the keyboard.  He did this week after week in home run derby fashion.

What is a lessor Sorkin?  Someone like me, who loves to write, and wants to put  just one or two over the fence like he does, all the time.

I would be happy at that, if I didn't have to contend with the demons which are usually commensurate to enormous talent, and what Mr. Sorkin admits he has to face every day.


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