Decorah Eaglets

If you want to watch a fascinating and funny story about raising "kids" check out this site (link below).

Our national symbol, the bald eagle, gives us a few pointers about parenting which we would do well to heed.

What the site does is monitor a mating pair of bald eagles (they stay together for life) each year as they rebuild the same 1200 lb. nest (reused each year), lay eggs (two or three), take turns nesting them til hatching, then raise them together, taking turns at the various chores which must be performed.

The birthing or laying process was no different for this mother; she lay on her side exhausted after each process.

The mother and father took turns, eating and nesting until the end of March when the eggs were hatched (a pretty equitable division of labor).

As the eaglets were growing, sibling rivalry developed, and the younger, smaller chick would invariably be the one picked on (sound familiar?).  The mother would just vigorously flap her wings, like giant fingers waving "Time out!"  All the chicks would just lower their heads, cower, and stop what they were doing.  Mama didn't even have to lay a feather on them.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching the three eaglets, wondering how they " took care of business", so to speak.  Just then, I saw one of them back up to the edge of the nest.  I started yelling at the monitor:


He did, sputtered a bowel movement off the edge, and not in, the nest (good potty training).

A week ago, the eaglets started "wingercising", flapping their wings to gain strength.  Within a day or so, the oldest started lifting into the air with an expression like, "this is neat!"

I just checked today again, and it seems the oldest is away from the nest, the second oldest is on a nearby branch, and the youngest is flapping near the edge, trying to get up the courage.  Soon, I guess, they'll all be out on their own completely.

Now tell me the truth, weren't there times when you wish you could have gotten YOUR kids out of the house in just three months time?

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