Town Hall Meeting

Our Community of "55 and better" is nearing completion, or in the process of transition, which means the builder is almost done.  We've lived in it a little over 4 years, and I have to say the homeowners who are running things seem to have improved the quality of life.  They're constantly trying to add to the list of activities, get better pricing for services, etc.

However what's most striking to me about the mixture of residents, it's like a smaller version of the country.  There are different nationalities, political persuasions, and just about every other characteristic you would find on  larger scale.  We have Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, and I'm sure a few other fringes.

The most glaring similarity is the community is at Civil War.  Why shouldn't it be?  The country's Civil War never ended; we're still fighting, especially during this election.

So at the meeting tonight, I scanned the room, and noticed there were quite a few "secessionists" not present at the meeting.

Oh well, I just try to get along with everyone, I don't engage in politics, so as not to cut my books sales in half.


  1. Hi John!
    Paula Krapf sent me an email regarding your book, which is how I found you/your blog/website!
    My husband is going to turn 55 this December and he is 50/50 about it! Well, maybe 75/25. Well, then again maybe he doesn't like it AT ALL! LOL!
    We are NOWHERE NEAR being able to retire. The, what "I" call, 2nd Depression, GOT US! BIG! Not that we were in debt or owned a home, but he lost his job and we live in Michigan. Enough explanation on that one! Three years we were without work, tried the State's idea of help by going back to school, etc., only to land a job back in a factory, BUT THIS TIME IT'S "NOT" MAKING AUTO PARTS!! I guess the state succeeded in that part!
    I kind of 'gently' tease my hubby about our being able to move into a place that would be for 55+, and he does NOT like the idea! I get this GLARE! LOL!
    I'm happy you are happy where you are! My father lives in a community that is mostly 55+, but you get a few younger ones every now and then. They are stand-alone condos, and he loves it! The one thing he does NOT like about it is quite a few people pass away, including my own mother. In that sense, he does NOT like it.
    Anyway, I think I would LOVE it! Getting away from these darn 'kids'! I'm talking about 'adult kids'.
    I LOVE the name of your site!
    "I've" got a funny story to tell you!
    Yesterday, Sunday, we were driving home from the park. We go there when my 14 year old son, who lives with his father due to my disability does NOT come over to visit. It's our 'little get-away'! We tell no one we are going. It's fun, just he and I!
    So we were driving home, and we always pass this little church that always has a sign with nice sayings on it. I always read them. Yesterday's message was 'the bomb'! Are your ready? Here goes! This is what the sign said:
    "We have sweet people here, like fudge with NUTS!"
    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were cracking up SOOOOO hard!!! Has ANYONE there realized they just called the people of their congregation NUTS? LOLOL!!!!
    Oh, we keep 'gut' laughing all night, and into today! This is one of those things you take a photo of and send into David Letterman!
    I never have come across a 'great' sign. Always wondered if I ever would. Wow! I sure found one yesterday!
    Just wanted to share that with you!
    Good Luck with your book, "Ark"! Now, on to listen to your video and check it out!
    Thanks for the post! I agree with you. Stay OUT of it! That kind of thing is like fish bait, dangling in front of you, waiting for you to BITE! You're a smart man, John! Regardless of a book or not! Those kinds of things can get ugly! My Dad got on one of those committees they have. He regretted it forever! Needless to say, he quit!
    Again, good luck!
    Laurie Carlson
    laurieisreading at gmail dot com

  2. PS. This election is something else, isn't it?! We have Obama, who I think has done very well. He had an 'itenerary' so to speak, that he had published on the internet, of what his plans were, and he DID stick to them! He even had chosen who he thought would be the 'best man' to fill his seat if he won the Presidential Election. I know a lot of people don't like the 'Obama Care' THING, but there is still SO MUCH MORE to be worked on with that, that it is going to take MORE than just '1' 4-year term for that.
    On the second hand, we have his running mate, more or less, who is Mormon!
    I'm NOT going to get into the religion thing NOR touch it with a 10 foot pole, but, we STILL have people thinking Obama is Muslim!!! Makes me laugh SOOOO hard because EVERY morning just like Roosevelt did, he and his wife go and worship at a Methodist church before they start their day! Plus, it's been PROVEN he is NOT!
    So this election, "I" think, is going to focus on religion, which is 'supposed to be' separate from government! I can ONLY just imagine how this is going to go! OH MY!
    Personally, I would like to see Obama have another 4-year run at what he wants to accomplish! He is the ONLY President who has NEVER lost his cool, shows his authority in a GOOD way, and did a darn good thing with bin Laden! Again, going by his itinerary of what he wants to accomplish with his Presidency, I really would like to see MORE! That's my position.
    I just find it funny, a double edge sword almost, about the 2 running mate's and their religions! I can ONLY imagine what people are going to try and say!
    This is going to be a WILD ride!