Mr. Tea Cup, Redux

Last year , we had this very cute, baby rabbit munching away in my flower beds in front of the house.  He was about 6 inches long, and at that age rabbits are fearless.  We named him "Mr Tea Cup".  I even wrote about him in "Ark", and was complimented by a Higher Authority for my kindness and understanding. in the book.

Well, this year, there's a policy change.

Sorry God, if I catch this year's little bugger, I'm going to wring his little neck, which just today, swallowed almost all the budding day lilies before we could enjoy looking at them.  Okay, God, I'll walk that back, if you could just convince him to wait a few more days before dining?  Tell him its not good to eat raw flower buds; he should wait until they're "well done".

God, I've gone online to find natural remedies.  Your marigolds are fraudulent in this area; they only bring mites which attack my tomatoes.  The only other remedies I'm hearing about online are:  guns, dogs, hawks, cats, and fences.  I can't put up a fence, it's against the regulations of the community.

Maybe you could just convince him to move on to another neighbor.  Give him a sense of, like a, quota system.  Tell him a steady diet of just one thing is not healthy, or eating at the same restaurant is booring.

Whatever it takes God, I know you can make him listen.  I have every confidence in You.


  1. OH JOHN!!!!
    Thank you SOOOO much for emailing me about this story today!!!! Oh!!! I'm laughing SOOOOO hard!!!! I know JUST how you feel!!!!
    I live in a manufactured home that does NOT have a foundation. I'm in a complex at the moment, so, the bunnies have FREE REIGN around here! I WISH I could 'sic' my dog on YOUR rabbit!
    I SWEAR if our dog, Carly, was NOT on a leash, she would have a PURE DIET of 'rabbit'! She tries SOOOOO HARD to catch them!
    We also are NOT allowed to put up fences like you are talking about as well. DARN! Why? They have built a 'nest' under our house, and it is somehow tied into the plumbing of MY bathroom's HOT WATER PIPES to MY shower! It cuts off part of my water, so my shower is wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. Darn WABBITS!!!!!!!!!!
    GREAT story/prayer to God! Maybe I'll try that out, too! I WILL include YOU in it as well! He'll help us get them somehow!
    I asked my husband if HE had any idea HOW to get rid of rabbits. His reply was "Not including a 22 rifle?" LOLOL!!!!!
    Appreciate the email SO much!
    Have you tried some moth balls? Perhaps the smell of those would DISCOURAGE THEM??? OH!!!!! There IS some kind of spray that you can put on things so dogs don't chew your furniture!!!!! Perhaps spray that aroundsome woodchips???? I don't know if it would kill the plant if you put it on the buds??? You would have to read the bottle.
    OH!!!! What about PEPPER!!!!!
    Let me know if any of those work???
    Guess what!!!! I did a search and I copied and pasted what I found!!! Maybe THIS is the answer to your prayer!!!!! Here it is!!!

    1)Get a dog. My dog keeps them away.

    2) Put items of clothing(ie...old shoes or shirts)or cut hair from the barber
    around your plants. (This is ME!!! Yes!!! HUMAN HAIR!!!! I USED TO CUT HAIR!!! HUMAN HAIR "DOES" WORK!!!!! TRY IT!!!)

    3) There are organic products you can buy that create a pherome scent that rabbits do not like.

    4)Homemade Animal Repellent

    2 raw egges
    1 qut water
    1 tsp cayenne pepper or Tabasco sauce
    squirt dish soap

    Mix in spray bottle.

    Good luck! Again, email me if ANY of these work!!!!

  2. PS. I am now a GFC follower as lauriehere and an email subscriber!!!!