Publix Chicken

I may have already mentioned Publix roasted chicken, our gold standard in preparation of that bird to take out.  It's our ritual when we arrive in Florida, to have as our first meal down here, one of their chickens.  It's a rite of passage; our trip's over, we sit down with a bottle of wine, and release a sigh in unison... Ahhhh!

This new phone has me taking pictures of everything that tickles my funny bone as I pass by, enough so that my son places me in the age after the dinosaurs, but not yet modern, since I still need his help with its features.

After we did our  food restocking when we first arrived, I decided to pay homage to the roasted chicken display.  I just had to snap the picture, and move on, right?

Not really.  Just as I'm ready to snap, an elder lady steps in front of the roasters, and begins "deliberating."

A very attentive deli counter worker asks to help her.  First the lady asks him to weigh two boxes again, because, although one is marked lighter in weight, it "looks" heavier.

You guessed it, same weight on both, again.  Then she wanted the heavier one weighed without the box.  He  explained all the roasters were weighed in the box, and the scales were adjusted for the weight of the box.  Could he put the chicken in a different box, and reweigh it?

At this point the worker saw me watching all of this, and rolled his eyes, but complied with her wish nonetheless.  As he was doing so, the lady just walked away!  The worker and I just looked at each other, both rolling our eyes again.  I said to him,

"I'll take the one she didn't want.  We both laughed, I snapped my picture before any other crazies appeared, and went to checkout.

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