The Banyon and the Palm

The two most popular trees in Florida are these, and on my walk today it struck me how different their "skins" or bark are.

Now why is that?

Does the palm oil give its tree a smoother complexion?

Does the Banyon worry too much, or react to the stress of the elements too severely?

The pictures below are neighboring trees, about 10 feet apart.  If they could communicate, what would they be saying to each other?

Palm:  "Hey Banyon, stop worrying about all the rain we get down here, your not going to drown.  Just drink what you can, and let the rest run off.  Don't inhale while your drinking, though."

Banyon:  That's easy for you to say, you don't have to drink that much, your like a camel!"

Palm:  "You're impossible!  And stop worrying about the lightning!  When your numbers up, it's up.

Banyon:  "That's what's wrong with this country.  There's too many people like you that don't care or worry enough about things."

Palm:  "There you go again.  If you're going to slide into another one of your political rants, I'm just going to talk to the Ibises and Egrets, and leave you to stew in your own sap."

Banyon:  "Alright, alright.  I just can't help it, it's the kind of timber I'm made of.  Also, I guess I'm a little jealous.  Look at you.  Who would guess the both of us are on Medicare?"

Palm:  "You've got to learn to relax.  An old tree can learn new tricks.  Just go with the flow, let the wind dance with you.  It keeps me limber.  Don't you like to dance with the wind?"

Banyon:  "I can't dance.  I get back spasms.  It's part of the Banyon culture.  That's why so many of us fall over during a hurricane."

Palm:  "Banyon, I'm not giving up on you.  It's not just my palm oil keeping me younger looking, it's my outlook on things.  I'm going to keep talking until you start to share my philosophy.  Hey, it's not that we have someplace else to go."

Are you a Palm, or a Banyon?  

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