Our son is a great kid, just recently married, and he and is wife, who we equally adore, are just putting their lives together.  I remember back to the days when my wife and I were starting out, things were a little tight, and we struggled.  It was nice to have the love and support from our sets of parents, and the only way we can pay that back is to offer support when needed to the next generation, which we had been doing.

Recently, we had a talk with our son, and tried to was...time to take off the life preserver, fly off the roof of the house, take off the training get the picture.

So, after a fashion, he and his bride came up with an austerity budget, and applied for credit in his own name.  He reported back to me that although he wasn't outright rejected initially when he applied, the bank would get back to him in a few days.

Low and behold, his credit was approved, and he was offered another line of credit from the company he works for.  He also told me he checked his credit score, and asked me to guess what it was.

"I guess in the mid 600's," I said.


I almost dropped the phone from laughing.  I haven't checked in a while, but I wonder if my score is that good.  I replied to him,

"Well son, I always payed your bills on time, you best do the same."

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