The Expert

Not long ago, I gave a talk at a local library.  The first attendees to arrive were this thirtyish Chinese couple, and they sheepishly looked around the room, not sure they were in the right place.  I welcomed them, and they sat in the front row, and the husband immediately started  barraging me with questions; about the book, writing in general, etc.  During the talk, I noticed he was translating certain words to his wife; presumably, her command of English not as good as his.

I've started giving raffle tickets at these events; the prize, of course, a signed copy of "Ark"!

After the talk was over, the drawing was held, and the Chinese man won.  I gladly signed the book, addressed to he and his wife.  Out of curiosity, I asked him,

"What made you come tonight?"

His answer was a refreshing cross cultural one.

"We are trying to improve our English, and what better way than to come hear an expert, a WRITER?"

I was floored and flattered, but the economy of his answer began to make sense.  I pointed out to him that "Ark" was an easy read, and ideal for an English as a Second Language student.

The librarian agreed, and would recommend my book to the ESL librarian for her students.

I began thinking about the ESL market!

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