Eggs, Easy Over

Our stop over at the Clark's Inn, Santee, South Carolina includes breakfast the next morning, before we complete our trip to Florida.  I like to get some protein and a solid breakfast since we'll just knosh on the way, usually with not too good for us "snacks."  I usually order eggs, easy over, and am reminded each time I do, why.  We have to go back in time 42 years.

My wife and I had just returned from our honeymoon, and I was going to impress her by cooking breakfast. She wanted her eggs "easy over", which I had never done.  It looked easy enough.  At the resort in Jamaica, the cook made it look easy; all in the wrist, I thought.

I made coffee, poured the orange juice, put place mats on the table, with napkins.  The bacon was almost done, nice and crispy.  I warmed the pan for the eggs, cracked the shells, and started cooking the first side.  The moment of truth was approaching.  Just as my new bride was opening the flatware drawer for the place settings I had forgotten, I started the "flip".  Somehow, her eggs hung up on the side of the pan; instead of doing a half gainer into the pan, the two yokes did cannon balls into the flatware drawer.

I cleaned up the mess, and no piece of flatware was spared.

My wife then changed her order to sunny side, and has kept it that way when I'm cooking breakfast.  When we're out, its easy over, which always reminds me of my errant flip.

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