"Who The Hell Is Thomas Edison?" asked Mark File.

Mark, my neighbor, in his usual quipful style, put that one to me as we got clobbered by Hurricane Sandy, Mother Nature's Halloween "trick" for the Northeastern US, particularly our area in Central New Jersey, cutting power 92 hours for us, still ongoing for many others.

Sandy did manage to send several other messages besides the destructive wake up call:

Yes, there IS Global Warming, despite the indefensible position of the "Carbonites".

Yes, we can get along.  Witness NJ Governor Chris Christie, brought to his dimpled knees and his sense of cooperation by Sandy, as only a catastrophe can:  to do the Right Thing with the Federal Government and its chief representative, The President.

Yes, the barrier islands along the Eastern Coast are just that:  protectors of the main land, not a real estate gold mine.  As sympathetic as I am to anyone in a life altering plight, the thought of living in peril should always be present in the back of the minds of those people who live there.

Back to Mark.

The guy is a Saint, even though his beliefs are in the Old Testament (I'd push St. Peter aside on Mark's behalf).  Anyway, his ticket to Heaven has already been punched.  What he did for his neighbors, us and the Teppers on his other side:  purchase a generator and wire outdoor outlets for each of us to tap into, sharing light, refrigeration, and hot water is just his way, and it reminds us what a Prince of a guy he is.

Thanks again, my friend!

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  1. Wow, he is a great neighbor and person. With all of the horror stories that have been on the news 24/7 (they really need to curb the coverage), it's nice to hear something positive. Glad to hear you're safe and sound. All is fine here in NY, though a little dark for most.