Drug Commercials

I hit the mute button every time I see one coming.  Did you notice the disclaimers at the end of most of them are longer than the benefit pitch at the beginning?

The newest one about the testosterone liquid which is applied like a deodorant to your underarm is what pressed the blog button in my head on this subject.  Like the other products, it gives a long list of side effects which can harm or kill you, but hey, c'mon, give us a try anyway!  It's only your life.

The other thing which occurred to me is most of the schpeals could be placed "as is" on Saturday Night Live and get a bunch of laughs.

Don't you think there's something seriously wrong with the FDA to even allow these drugs to market with all these downsides?  I get the feeling some of these companies KNOW the sizable risks beforehand, but they spent all this money on R&D which they have to recoup.  So they send a Tsunami of Ads and product into the marketplace before the shit hits the fan.

I'll give you another example of insanity in the drug market.  I take Armour thyroid, a natural hormone from pigs, which is a good match because some of my friends think I'm one also.  Armour thyroid is not covered under my Medicare drug plan, however the synthetic, Synthroid is.  Synthroid cost much more, and has many more severe side effects.  Another head scratcher.


The best advice to be given is one none of us can adhere to:  don't get old or sick.

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