It's Still Just a Game

The magic of "The Bigger 14"  euphoria has worn off, but that's really not the worst thing to happen to any of you.  What REALLY hurts you is this:

I didn't win the Power Ball.

This affects all of you, believe it or not.  I had a plan worked out in my head.  Each of you who have touched me in some way over the years was going to get something back, anonymously.  My favorite friends and causes were going to benefit from my good fortune.  The Jersey Shore would get a lot more help from me.         The Rutgers Athletic Center renovation would not have to wait any longer.  I was going to settle my ledger with all of you.  This would assuage any guilt I had that some of you did more for me than I did for you.  I would be at peace for the rest of my life.  I'm sorry I'm still left with some angst, but I came close.

I was only off by 6 numbers.

Oh well, It's still just a game.

Speaking of games, the long suffering saga of Rutgers Football continues for the vast number of fans whose expectations haven't been met.  This year I really thought that someday when their best would beat the best had arrived.

It hasn't.

There must be a sharp edge of a razor between pressure and praise that is difficult to pass over, (to paraphrase Maugham's "Razor's Edge") making the path to Salvation hard.  The players have tremendous support from their community, if only it could be translated into performance, instead of pressure.  It's hard for these late teen, twenty something young men to gauge.  

As a never say die fan, I believe they will get there.  They will play a great game like it was a perfect practice.  

In last night's game I noticed a player on the other team make a mistake, and get yelled at by the coach.  He just smiled, patted the coach on the shoulder as much to say, "I got it coach, I'll fix it."

It struck me, that is what Rutgers has to do to blow off the pressure caused mistakes which snowballed, and haunted them as the game wore on.  This has to be an ingredient in that next great game they play, and then there will be no looking back.

Oscar Wilde said there's a creeping common sense that one shouldn't regret their mistakes.

Also, the players would do best to remember:  

It's Still Just a Game.

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  1. I hope the people who won plan to be as charitable as you!