The Bigger 14

I'm a stickler for incongruity, so with Rutgers joining the "Big 10" to become the 14th team in the league, I couldn't resist the title.

This story isn't going to be a funny as much as a happy one.  For  Rutgers grads, this academic and athletic accomplishment Dwarfs most, if not all, we've done since 1766.  Don't get me wrong, the University has produced many who have changed the world, for the better.  This new arrangement will only enhance and multiply that growing number of minds we marvel at, and are so proud of.

I hope this move is seen by those who heavily favor academics over sports as a real world solution to what they want, with a hell of a lot more fun!

Of course, there's always a reporter or two not content unless they find dirt.  Guess what, there's dirt everywhere.  I've always looked to the clean and the good first.  I just can't seem to find a happy life otherwise.  The happy moment is NOW!! 

I've attached a photo of Austin Johnson, a student athlete who epitomizes what's best in attitude and opportunity at Rutgers, and Cal Schwartz, a good friend who has the weathered, long wandering fan look on his face, just before the announcement became official.  When I see him again, I'll take another picture, this time of his smiling face. 

We've just experienced a "perfect storm", Hurricane Sandy, in our area, although I like to attach "perfect" to something good, and not forget the long standing suffering Sandy has caused.  That good would be the "perfect place" the University finds itself in the Bigger 14, with a Happy Thanksgiving we shouldn't forget. 

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