The Last Straws at the Java Moon Cafe

To and from our son and daughter in law's place in PA, there's the Java Moon Cafe on the south side of Route 537, just west of the Jackson Outlet Mall.  If you're driving west there's a bunch of trees which hide it's set back location from the road, so go slow.  If you're heading east, it's much more visible.

Either way, you should stop, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Now, you're not going to find the building structure in Architectural Digest.  It has a simple, log cabin feel to it, and it's not too large, but all the goodies are inside!

After passing it several times, and wondering how the food was, my wife and I took the plunge yesterday, on her Birthday.  The night before, I was surfing to find lunch spot, as we were traveling to Upper Freehold that afternoon.

A 22 food rating from Zagat popped out at me (afterwards, I'd score my own rating a couple points higher).  Being a writer, the old adage about book and cover proved to be right again.  We both had a sandwich and salad platter, mine being a shrimp po' boy, matching the really good ones I've had at Henry's in Wilmington, NC.  The salad had mixed greens, and the right mixture of olives, jack cheese, pepperoncini, carrots, onions, and cukes with a mild, blended dressing.  It was just enough (we don't overeat anymore, anyway) and fairly priced.

What put Java Moon over the top for me was the extra long straws in the tall water glasses.  I sighed at the waitress,

"I haven't been able to find these straws anywhere."  (I nearly had an argument with an assistant manager at Wegmen's).   I needed them for my extra tall glassed, Zing Zang Bloody Marys, which with a standard straw, your nose and lips have to squeeze into the top of the glass to slurp the last tangy drop.

The waitress, when she brought the check, put two straws on top of the check holder, saying,

"These are so you'll remember me while sipping your next Bloody Mary."

I was appreciative.  Really.  But I wanted more straws!!

On the way out, I queried the owner if I could buy a handful of straws.

"No, but you can take the last few I have," as he handed over about ten straws, with the box from the manufacturer.

"Thank you,"  I said, and stuffed a buck in the tip jar on the counter.

Go to the link below to see what I'm talking about.

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