RIP John Heldon (1947-2059)

As Paul Simon said, "Still crazy after all these years..." Here's the latest testament to that effect about myself:


John Heldon to Athletic Director


The Rutgers community mourns the passing of its oldest living alumni ever, age 112 years and one day. John Heldon surpassed the age of Walter Seward, the previous eldest alum, by about a month. In fact, those present at his passing claim his whispered last words were "Go RU...Hi Walter." 

Always a staunch supporter of the University, and avid Men's Basketball fan, Heldon is perhaps best known for his writing in his later years, mostly sports fiction with settings applicable to his beloved alma mater. It was his ability to convince the then and current Athletic Director, Tim Pernetti, that royalties from books can create substantial passive revenue streams for the University. 

"Funding back then was generous compared to today's standards. John was able to make me realize we could create a library which would just keep on giving. Funding is harder to find today than truffles," Pernetti said, he himself pushing 90 with no sign of slowing down. 

"It seemed like a crazy idea back then, but John was persistent, and it's turned into a meaningful, long-term endeavor. It's good to think outside the box. That's what keeps me going." 


"Tim! Tim! Wake up. You were dreaming."

" I know," he replied, "Some of the best ideas start with a dream."

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