Steve Cohen, Chamber Magic

The key word here is "Chamber."  There are so many large scale magic acts, with oft described smoke and mirrors, or fog, lights, fireworks, numerous large budget items to wow, and make it easier for the trickster to trick you.

Not so with Steve Cohen.  He describes his act as "a demonstration of modern conjuring," but it really is classic old school:  a minimal amount of props, ie, a couple of decks of cards, a hat, etc, all plied within 10 feet of my eyes, and he had me scratching my head after each trick.

How did he get that brick under the hat?  How did he take rings from three separate audience members, link them together, then un-link and return them?

He read people's minds.  How many times have you heard "there's an explanation for everything?"  In Steve's case I'm not sure there is!

Here's the thing.  There were about 60 people in the room.  I spoke to several of them afterwards, and none of them had a clue as to how he did ANY of his tricks.  
                                                              Steve and yours truly.

Also, if Steve decided to leave out the tricks, you would be admirably entertained, his timing and sense of humor were impeccable.  As he said, he's a third generation magician; his grandfather knew Houdini.  He's had a lifetime to perfect and establish himself as a one of a kind, and he has.

If you're one to savor the unique things that life offers, Steve Cohen will have you telling your grand kids about him.

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