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When my parents were still living around Atlantic City, NJ, I used to travel the back roads instead of the Parkway to see them.  The first few times I traveled on Route 539 South, I passed a white sign with an arrow pointing to Emery's 200 feet away.

The next trip, the sign must have been magnetized, because this time I didn't even have to think about it.  I turned right as I glanced the other prominent word on the sign, "Pies".

Well, I came upon the neatest little country store with all sorts of unique gift items.  You have to go there to see and buy them, but I'll give you an example:  a small ear of popcorn, with the kernels still on the cob, and a bag to "pop" in the microwave.

But the Pies! (they deserve a Cap), the hook for me, are out of the Universe!  They're so big and heavy, they might sprain your wrist if you're not ready for them on the first pick up (almost not kidding).

My parents would invariably ask, "what kind of pie are you bringing down?" before an impending visit.

I explained this scenario to Emery's, who then told me, "a lot of travelers take the back roads, and they call Route 539 the 'Pieway'".

Since my parents moved closer (ten minutes away), we haven't been going to Emery's with as much frequency, until yesterday.  It is about 40 minutes from our house, but yesterday (Sunday) was a perfect, top down in the VW Eos, so Genna and I and our sweet teeth zipped over to Emery's, this time for a blueberry crumb pie.  At this point I should tell you, you have a choice to make:  do you want cheap, or the best?

Most customers prefer the latter, I'll tell you why.  After October 1st, Emery's takes holiday pie orders, where customers pick a day, and an agreed upon time to come pick up their orders.  That's alotta pies!

If you have a few leisurely hours, join the worthy pilgrimage to Emery's.  Check out their site in the title, and they do really fun things for kids too.

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