The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

That's the line from the classic Staples commercial from a few years ago, about parental glee when their kids have to go back to school.  After today, I didn't think it so wonderful.

This morning, the blinking low ink light on my printer sent me the signal.  I have been doing a lot of printing, but what's annoying about this Canon model is it has 5 different cartridges.  Not just a black and a color, but 2 blacks, a yellow,a pink, and a blue.  My tech advisor, my son George, recommended the printer, and it does render very crisp photo like images, but I'm changing the ink as often as I'm printing, or so it seems.

Anyway, I decide to swing by Staples today, before going to the food store, with 2 spent cartridges, and a 6 dollar coupon.

I should have senses something amiss as I had to fight for a space in the parking lot, which had never happened before.  I go into the store, and there's sooo many kids and parents the only explanation can be there giving everything away for free.  No, it the was the end of the first week of the school year, and all these late coming kids and harried parents are restocking school supplies.  

I had walked to the middle of the store before I fully grasped what was happening.  I noticed the store personnel had blocked off aisles to snake the purchasers around the inside of the store, akin the a Star Wars premier.

I said to my self, I'll come back tomorrow, just before realizing the only exit to the store without paying for a purchase was to go back out the entrance.

Sure enough, I saw it coming, a store manager saw the ink cartridge boxes in my hand and asked sternly,

"Where are you going with those?"

After explaining, I said to him, "I'll see you tomorrow."

We both smiled as I when out the entrance to my car.

Tomorrow, the store will be empty, and probably the shelf for my ink cartridge.

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  1. See, that was your problem! You should have just gone to =)