Q Tip

I'm assuming just about everyone has heard the adage, "the only thing you should stick inside your ear was your elbow."

If that adage was widely adhered to, I'm not sure the Q Tip wouldn't have gone the way of the Dodo.  Still, my wife, Genna, has been on my case about my use of QTips.

"You're going to puncture your eardrum!" was her constant refrain.

One day after coming out of the shower, I walked into the bedroom with just the other cotton tip sticking out of my ear.

"Gen, I think I punctured my eardrum."

"You see, you idiot, what have I been telling you all along?"

I broke into a smile, because I had just broken the end of the QTip, it was just resting outside my ear, then I showed it to her.

She has a way of punching my shoulder when I goof on her like this (which is quite often) with one sharp knuckle which always seems to hit a nerve.  

It remained sore for a few days, but it was worth it!

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