Poison Ivy Goats

I just read an article about a very environmentally sensitive area at the Jersey shore which was having an infestation of poison ivy.  Herbicides and chemical treatments could not be applied due to the water table and very sensitive ecosystem.

What to do?  Bring on the goats!  

It turns out most other mammals besides humans are immune to the effects of poison ivy.  Rabbits, goats, deer,among others regard the ivy as a treat.  So the proposed solution is to bring about 30 goats to the infested area, and let them chow down to their heart's content, until the ivy is gone.

The next thought I had upon reading about the goats was how I had to slave away at our shore house on Barnegat Bay during the 50's and 60's when each year the weeds would take over the property.

My father was opposed to herbicides ( and gasoline which one neighbor was in favor of);  instead each season we ordered about 20 cubic yards of sand to spread over the property and cover the weeds.  This was done mostly by me, with a shovel, rake, and wheel barrel.


My mother should have had this idea because growing up she had a couple of goats in her barnyard zoo.

Then again, I would have had a choice to make:  shoveling sand, or picking up goat poop.  

I was in pretty good shape back then... sand was good.

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