The Joke On Kerry

There are six of us, the "Tara Six" we've come to call ourselves.  Mike and Donna you've already met, Genna and I, and, introducing, Kerry and Brad.  Tara for Tara Homes, the builder who took deposits from the three couples, then sunk into bankruptcy as soon as the housing downturn commenced a few years ago.  We were all going to be neighbors in "Horizons at Peach Hill", a site that previously was a successful cabana and pool area, a successful, intimate concert venue (the Stones played there), a successful summer college basketball league site, but, for us, a nightmarish debacle of a housing project.  Tara Homes, developments 'Gone with the Wind'.

The sad part was each of our homes were only weeks away from delivery, Mike and Donna, only one week.  All of us were going to be neighbors in the same U shaped court, in the best part of the development.

In the weeks right after the bankruptcy filing, I got a craggy, hand written fax from Mike ( probably scrawled alongside a second or third 'Stollie'), asking me to call him and his wife, Donna, which I did the next day.  We began a friendship and commiseration which has lasted through the bankruptcy until the present.

Kerry and Brad we didn't really get to know until Mike suggested the six of us have lunch to discuss another housing development that the first four of us really liked, and thought they would too.

Well, we all met at the restaurant, Kerry and Brad arriving last.  Brad seemed to have a 'que sera, sera' take on the whole bankruptcy / other new house situation.  Kerry seemed like a deer in headlights.

The rest of us explained to them the benefits of the new development.  The builder was solvent, no outstanding construction loans.  The street was the best in the development.  It had just become available for sale, there were no houses in front or in back.  There was a lake on the other side of the street, etc.  Kerry and Brad seemed to like what we had to say, and didn't want to miss an opportunity at this new development. Kerry seemed to visibly relax, she actually started blinking her eyes, which I don't think she did up until that point.

I don't know why I have the urge to humor someone at their expense, especially when I know they're really not up for a joke.  However, I kept glancing at Kerry during lunch, and really did try to suppress what I ended up doing.

Lunch was over about 2PM, we settled the bill, and all got up to leave.

"Well, I think you should  go over to the sales office, these houses are selling really fast.  I think the office is open until 2:30 this afternoon," I said looking at Brad.

"Whaaaaaatttttt!!!!???  Kerry burst, as the rest of us, except Genna, laughed.

Genna just gave me that 'why would you do something like that, again' look.

I was really sorry after I said it.  I am a  remorseful Gemini.

Kerry and Brad did purchase a home on the same street as the other four of us.   Kerry I've found to be a very good sport, but for that first prank, she has a joke at my expense account, which is unlimited, and can be used at any time.

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