Courtside with BK

Time for another story about my beloved Rutgers Mens Basketball team.  It's safe to say I'm a fairly dedicated fan.  I have had season tickets for about 20 years.  I go to most related functions, banquets, Court Club meetings etc.

My friend, BK, has a dedication and knowledge of the game and the program that makes mine seem trivial, and just about knowing that the ball's round.  I call him "the Oracle".  He know's everything and everybody associated with this basketball enterprise.   He's missed only one game in about 15 years.  Two foot snowstorm.  He's such a loyal supporter, regardless if the coaching regime is on the way in, or on the way out.  His work schedule is arranged AROUND the basketball schedule (nice to be able), so he makes all the away games also. BK sure knows how to put the fan in fanatic.

Last year we had yet another coaching change, which seems to happen as frequently as our national elections.  I think this one's going to stick, though (fingers crossed).  The new coach is in his early forties, with very high energy and intensity, which we all hope his heart can keep up with.  He also talks like he was born at sea, and gargles with rock salt.  This  produces a raspy voice that raises profanity to an art form which would make any sailor blush.

Let me tell you how I found this out.

BK tells me there is to be a free exhibition game, the coaching debut for the new guy.  To make it extra special for him, BK says his parents are coming to their very first Rutgers game, ever.

"Why don't you and Genna come early also, so we can all sit in the front row, behind the team bench?"

Excellent idea, I told him.  Neither of us has our regular seats in this area.  We'd be able to hear everything the coach says during the game, and during time outs.

Did we hear everything.

It wasn't like the whole gym could hear him, just Genna and I, BK and his lovely wife, Jane, and especially BK's parents.  They both had the look that an irritated Queen of England gets that says, "We are NOT amused."  Genna, having spent too much time in parochial schools, was giggling hysterically, making up for lost time.

I was glad to see BK's parents at a later game during the season, far enough away from the coach's mouth.

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