Any Boomers, like myself, considering a spiffy sports car like you always wanted in your younger days, this Volkswagen may fill the bill for you.  Its a hard top convertible, seats four, although the back seat is for liliputians.  Genna and I use the back seat for our cooler when we take trips to Florida.  Other than that, it has lots of pep, handles like a go cart, gets good mileage, and with the top down, the windows up, you'll leave the car without a bad hair day if you keep it under 70.  I'm sure you would agree, it is a fun car.

Last winter, we were fortunate to get away to our place in Florida, just before a major snowstorm in New Jersey.  So, we just got down there in time, and have to admit to snickering at the weather that our friends and family were experiencing up north.

After a couple of days our son, George, send us an email photo of his car, which under so much snow, looked like a giant vanilla ice cream cone.  Bordering on malice, Genna decides to snap a phone picture of me in the Eos, with the top down, under a shady palm tree in a 75 degree cloudless ideal of a day.  As a caption, she adds, "How much snow is on your car roof?" Clicks send.

George sends back, " I hate the both of you.  I hope a big bird shits on both of your heads."

Not content to chuckle at his pain, Genna decides to forward the photo and George's response to Mike, our neighbor.

Mike, not too amused either, sends back, "I hope a VERY big bird."

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