Mike and Donna

They are the best neighbors we could ever have, and I'm not just saying that because I'm about to make fun of them.  Really.  When we purchased our house, and after we finished picking our design studio "upgrades" (really should be called "cost mores"), the final question should have been, " Now, would you like to select your new neighbors?"  Our answer would have been, " We'll take Mike and Donna."

We're very fortunate.  You could spend millions on a dream house, have lousy neighbors, and want to move out.

This is a true story, although their names have been changed to protect their not so innocence.

We were leaving for Florida, and I asked Mike to keep an eye on the house, which he gladly agreed to do.  We're down in Florida a few days and I get an email from Mike with a photo attachment.  The picture was of Mike's car parked on our front lawn with the caption, "I can't watch your house any closer than this!"

I thanked him again, showed the picture to my wife and said, " Mike is really good with Photoshop.", and she agreed.

After we returned home about a week and a half later, I noticed the front lawn had a fairly large brownish area.  I thought, well, looks like a webworm, or a fungus, but it also looked like it was starting to grow back.

Shortly thereafter, Donna came over, and at rate of about 500 words per minute, said something like this.


She kept going, but you get the picture.

I had to beg her to stop, I was laughing so hard.  I said, " Donna please, I can't catch my breath, and I'm getting a stomach cramp.  And here I was impressed with Mike's computer savvy."

"Are you kidding?"  she said. "He can barely send an email with a photo attachment."

"Well, I think that was just enough for a good laugh."  I said. 

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