Growing up in the Northeastern US during the '50s, I remember watching migrating geese flying south during the fall, then return, flying north, presumably back to Canada.

Why aren't they still doing that?

It seems even colder here than when I was a kid.  So, the geese think its warmer, I think its colder.  The geese have stopped , and I've started, going south.  Has the generation of geese I've grown up with gotten as lazy as mine?  Since retiring, I'm starting to go south more often during the winter, so I think it's fine that the geese stay north in the Winter.  It's the Spring, Summer, and Fall that ticks me off.  I wish I could convince them to time share my lawn in Florida after I've headed North.  Ever heard the expression "don't shit where you eat"?  The geese haven't.

My house in New Jersey has a lake across the street.  It's also the local geese airport.  The community hired a "geese patrol" to chase them.  It's like watching the Keystone Kops.  That's when they actually come while the geese are there.  I told the guy, "They know when you're coming, and when you're not."  I've watched them try dog cutouts, border collies running around the lake, remote control motor boats, etc.  The geese just play checkers with the dogs, and the boats.  Its only funny if you don't know what we're paying these guys.

I don't know the answer.  Maybe a Presidential order that replaces the turkey with geese on Thanksgiving for the next five years.

Then maybe the geese will start flying south again, maybe to Mexico, which doesn't celebrate.... Thanksgiving!

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