My Boomer Smile

I'm going to talk about something I've always been self conscious about.

My smile.

Basically, I'm a fun loving guy, and in almost any social situation (except wakes and funerals), I can joke and laugh as well as a high priced comedian.  The problem is, I only have a one row smile, and oddly over the years  I've become obsessed about it.  Years ago I noticed it in pictures, most of the people around me in it had two row smiles.  I could only manage a few top teeth, and none on the bottom.

Why is this?  I'm not only having half the fun as everyone else.  If anything, I'm having more fun, since my laughter is turbo charged when I hear others laugh.  A few times in a crowded movie theater, other patrons have looked over at my cascading laughter with a "really?" expression.  About the same time, my wife gives me a nudge; she embarrasses easier than I.

Could it be my mother's large Italian teeth in my father's small German mouth?  

No, if anything, the two set of braces (I didn't wear the retainer the first time) should have stretched my lips while putting the bands on my wisdom teeth.

Anyway, I know I'm obsessing, but these two row smilers are NOT happier that I.  They are NOT more optimistic or inspirational either.

I look at celebrities in magazines and on line, and most are two rowers, but I know I'm having more fun than they.  Besides, I'll bet most of their smiles are fake.  They would rather be elsewhere than trying to keep us adoring them.

There, I got that off my chest.  So if you ever see me smiling, you'll know that I'm just as happy or happier than any of those two rowers out there.

How will you know?  This blogger told you so.  (Sorry Dale Evans).

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