Characters of Ark

Since Ark was published, quite a few readers, especially Rutgers alums, have come running up to me at RU basketball games, and said, this or that character was this or that player.

My response has always been, if you want to interpret the character that way, go right ahead, it's your enjoyment, and money at stake here.  However, I have to repeatedly insist, all of the characters are composites of college and pro players I've admired over the years of my watching, enjoying, and paying to see games.

I'll just throw some character names out there.  If you're a Rutgers fan, more of the names will stick with you, since that was my experience also.  Here goes.

"Sampson", "Bird", "Quincy", "Barrett".  These samples reflect my experience within the professional and collegiate ranks.  Also, mannerisms and ethnicity stand for certain players, and certain teams.  

I guess I could explain 'til I'm blue in the face, but that's really the way I structured the book.  It's my homage to the game, as I've watched it over the years, and that's the truth.

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