Jim Left Early III

Jim did it again, this time with 8 minutes left, and the last game of the season, no less!

As he got up to leave, my seatmates to the left started chuckling, and congratulating one of their number.  It turns out he guessed the time closest to Jim getting up to leave, 4 minutes and 15 seconds.  Rutgers was losing to the Johnnies at that point.

It just goes to show you, anything can be bet on, and you don't have to be in Las Vegas.

Why so early this time?  Usually, like clockwork, he leaves his seat a little before, or a little after 3 minutes to go in the game.

First guess:  Nature called.
Second guess:  He was with his brother, not his wife.  She probably restrains him an extra 5 minutes of game time.

None the less, I had every confidence Rutgers would win due to his early departure, and they did.

Keep it up, Jim.  We need your absence in these close games.

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