Wonder Bar, Wonder Woman

Stop the humor, start the presses.  

I never said I would ( or try to be) funny all the time.

I have to tell you about last Friday night.  I don't go to many bars, I prefer the way I make my martini's, at home.  So if I don't go to many bars, then I don't hear many bands that play in them.  However, I live near Asbury Park, NJ, which is a musical Mecca for Megastars (Bruce, Southside, Jon Bon), maybe someday stars, and the spectrum in between.  Just having walked the boardwalk many times allows me to hear sounds that suck, and sounds which are super.  Friday at the Wonder Bar, I witnessed the latter from two people most, unfortunately, haven't heard of.

Linda Chorney, nearly 52 (with the how old, maybe 35 look), a lifetime journeywoman singer/songwriter just nominated for a Grammy in the Americana category (watch on February 12th).

Bobby Messano, a guitarist who can tickle and squeeze notes with the best of them.

What impressed me even more than their excellence, was the love and spirit they applied it with.  I got the feeling as they played that this is who they are, and probably always will be.  Would they both like to be more famous?  Yes, why not.  I just came away from the evening believing they would be the same regardless.

Linda probably won't win the Grammy, but I hope she does, just to prove me right.

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