Open Sesame

I never can resist a practical joke when the opportunity presents itself.

Cal and I take turns driving to see our beloved Rutgers Men's Basketball team play a half hour away in New Brunswick, NJ.  It's much easier when I pick him up, because when he drives, I have to remember to take the remote to get back into our gated community after the game.

This time it was Cal picking me up, and he had a business associate, Curt, who is the executive producer of NJ Discover, an up and coming TV/Internet company.  Curt seemed like a strait shooting, stand up guy, and I'm not just saying that because he paid for dinner.  So Cal and Curt rumble up to my house, actually on time, and we go off roading out the back entrance to the community.  I say "off roading" because the final pave hasn't been applied, and the road is really more like an irregular washboard.

After we had a bite to eat, which Curt insisted paying for, we were off the the RAC to see if our charges could keep it together for forty minutes, and emerge with a win.  They did manage a "W", but not before they played havoc with the coach's blood pressure:  spiking it in the first half with a sloppy sandlot effort, then lowering it in the second by switching gears to win by twenty five.

The comic relief of the night came when Cal pulled up to the back gate and I said,

"Cal, I forgot the remote to get back in , but they just installed a voice activated feature.  Roll down the window so I can shout the code."

He did that, and I yelled, 

"Open Sesame!"

Cal was dumbfounded.

"Your voice opened the gate just by you saying that?"

"Not really,"  I said as I produced the clicker from my front pocket.

Curt was laughing so hard, I thought he was going to piss his pitcher of beer all over the back seat.

Cal was nor amused.

"John, I'm a very vengeful person.  Watch out."

"Cal," I said, " How do you know your one of my best friends?"


I smiled, then replied, "When I pull a stunt like this."

I think he got over it, because he didn't make me walk the rest of the way back to my house.

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