Alice and Luna Rosa

If you ever make it to Delray Beach, Florida, a visit or two to Caffe Luna Rosa is a must.  We purchased a condo a few years ago, and it didn't take us long to find Luna Rosa.  It's just off the corner of Atlantic Ave, the main street, and Route A1A, which runs along the beach.  Breakfast , lunch, and dinner.  I can't say either meal is better than the others, but I prefer early breakfast and early dinner (or happy hour).

If you're an early riser, like me, get there around 7, quarter past at the the latest.  You'll get a parking space right across the street, because the beachcombers haven't taken over yet.  Get a table on the sidewalk, watch the sun climb, and let the sea breeze take your cares away.  Better than a massage.  It's not a big place, just cozy, and excellent in all matters of food service.  Don't believe me?  Google'em.

Another nice feature of the restaurant is their VIP card.  It gets you a discount on valet parking, and usually helps get a table, in a pinch.  Charge the meals on it, and they bill you at the end of the month.  As I was applying for this card, giving them my billing info, I was also speaking with one of the managers.  When I gave him my information, he presented me with a couple of menu brochures, which can also double as a mailers.  I brought them back to the condo, for the next time I wanted to think in advance what I wanted to eat there.

I mentioned to our dear friend, Alice, who also has a condo in Delray, what a great place Luna was.  With that, I handed her a copy of the menu brochure, and said she should try the place.  Genna and I were leaving to go home to Northern New Jersey the next day, while Alice was staying in Delray a couple more weeks.  I said that Genna and I would look in on her daughter, Linda, our honorary niece.

Alice has a very  deadpan sense of humor, wickedly funny at times, as I was about to find out.

In the mail the day Genna and I were meeting Linda for supper was a menu mailer brochure from Caffe Luna Rosa, which had a hand written, personalized note which said,  "Hi John, we just want to thank you for your patronage, and hope to see you again soon. Sincerely, The Staff at Caffe Luna Rosa."

I was just blown away.  What a nice personal touch!  They sure knew how to make a Person feel Very Important!  I was so impressed, I took the menu mailer to supper to show Linda.

I presented it to her and said, "Linda, you have to get your mother to take you there the next time down.  That is service.  That's the way to run a restaurant!"  

Linda quickly read the message and said, "I'm 100% sure that this is my mother's handwriting, Uncle John."

Ouch.  I couldn't call her mother in Florida fast enough to say, "!@#$%%^%##%%&%^&&&!!!"

Then we both laughed, hers, the wicked one.

I promised to punk her in the future, but I still haven't been able to in kind.

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